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Differing storage temperatures for phenelzine

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  • Differing storage temperatures for phenelzine

    Collecting my imported phenelzine from a new pharmacy yesterday afternoon [finally, after 7 months of enforced-withdrawal caused by the Brexit-induced shortages, plus a string of blunders from every quarter involved] I was concerned to see that it had been set aside on a counter upon receipt from delivery that morning, and hadn't been stored in refrigerator. Having taken the stuff for 4.5 years, I'm accustomed to treating it as a refrigerated medication.

    - The sticker printed out from the prescription states to keep in a fridge.
    - The accompanying leaflet for the branded Nardil that I have previously taken states to keep it between 2-6°C.
    - The accompanying leaflet for the generic phenelzine sulfate I'm now getting includes no mention of storage temperatures at all.
    - The box the pills came in (the pharmacist showed me) states to store between 5-15°C.
    - Publicly available information on PubChem website states to store between 15-30°C.

    I am baffled:
    Does it need to be refrigerated or not?
    Have I (and the previous pharmacy who had supplied it to me pre-shortages) been refrigerating it pointlessly for the last 4.5 years?
    Can it somehow mysteriously be that branded Nardil needs to be refrigerated and generic phenelzine doesn't?
    Is it possible that the pills I collected yesterday have degraded because they were left out on the counter for a few hours after the wholesaler delivered them? [I'm keeping them in a fridge anyway now].

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    Different formulations can have different storage conditions. Generic fludrocortisone doesn't need refrigeration but the brand Florinef does, same with latanoprost Generic makes needs refrigeration but the brand Xalatan doesn't.