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Beta blockers and testosterone

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  • Beta blockers and testosterone

    Hi all, I take a low dose 10mg twise a day to help with anxiety. I had my testosterone levels taken a while back, which showed they were within the normal range but at the lower end. But I was not on propranolol at the time. I'm 35.

    I was wondering are beta blockers like propranolol known to lower testosterone levels in men?

    Do you think older men might be on testosterone treatment because their beta blocker decreased it?

    I found a few studies but looks too technical for me!!! :

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    Re: Beta blockers and testosterone

    Yes beta blockers are known to lower testosterone levels but just because testosterone levels dip below the lower end of the normal range does not mean problems will automatically ensue.....or that replacement will be needed. Testosterone levels naturally decline with age so it is difficult to tie low levels to one specific cause in an older population. Replacement is considered where there are significant problems caused by the lack of testosterone.

    I would be very surprised if the dose of beta blocker you are on is having significant effects on your testosterone levels. If you feel you have symptoms of low testosterone you should talk to your GP .


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      I am also on testosterone treatment right now, however I am very young and I practice sport. My testosterone dropped for a while and at first, I was told not to do anything yet and just take a course of treatment with particular supplements. But I still went to the gym and it was good that I did so, because my muscles began to grow faster because of the drugs. By the way, I found an article where it is written about this drug, who is interested in reading
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        I see. Trust we will not see a link to an online seller of this and steroids coming up. if we do YOU WILL BE BANNED.