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    Struck off for smuggling orchids - must have posed a great threat to the public.


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    Re: Flower Power

    Thought I'd heard it all, but this really takes the feckin' biscuit..A man's professional livelihood has just been removed by Lambeth over The importation of a few "protected" flowers ...what about his wife and children?..His profession?...his professional reputation? Who do the legal department at Lambeth think they are??

    And how much did the RPSGB's lawyers get paid for getting rid of another one of their own?..further...WHO PAID THEM???

    TOTALLY unacceptable.
    Don't Stop Believing


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      Re: Flower Power

      like the poor bugger who got reprimanded for putting a poster in his window and a toy goat. Stupid, stupid idiots at statcom are getting far too overzealous these days - if they're not careful then something ridiculous will make it to the national press and make them all look like morons - unfortunately tarring us with the same brush...
      “It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren't doing.”

      Terry Pratchett


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        Re: Flower Power

        Importing some orchids illegally is deemed to be "bringing the profession into disrepute", but converting a Macdonalds into a Drive-thru pharmacy isn't?!?
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