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    Hi everyone
    I'm currently working on a portfolio of evidence to get back on the register. I'm finding some of it a bit difficult and was wondering if anyone could maybe help me out?
    Thank you

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    so, what do you need to know?


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      Well I have to write up and show evidence that I meet the nine standards. The first standard is split into sub sections (a) to (j). I'm not sure if I should address each sub section specifically or just generalise. Also it's quite repetitive if I do address it specifically.
      Also this part where I self-evaluate whether I meet the standards or not is then supposed to be backed up by personal statements that go into more detail of each piece of evidence that I have that proves I meet the standards. But the personal statements are quite repetitive too and so I'm wondering if I can just have one personal statement for more than one self evaluated statement.
      I've also been able to do some voluntary work and shadow a pharmacist for 6 months and worked as a dispenser for 4 months so would it be enough to say I did that or do I need to write up cpds for each different thing I learnt or re learnt while doing this?
      Thank you I really appreciate this



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        Sounds like you are doing the NPA course which I have said several times "not fit for purpose". If it was the Buttercups course then help from them only a phone call away.
        What do they give as the nine standards?


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          No it's not an NPA course. I've been off the register for more than a year so I need to complete a portfolio of evidence to be submitted and checked by the GPhC. The standards are the usual ones we have. I've added the standards in an attachment, if you see the first standard it's split into bullet points
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