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Newly Qualified Pharmacist - EU Conversion Course

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  • Newly Qualified Pharmacist - EU Conversion Course

    Hello there! I am new to this forum so I don't know if this question will relate to this topic or not, so please be compassionate.

    I am a newly qualified EU pharmacist in the UK, and, despite I have been working already as a dispenser for a year with some pharmacist duties for some independent pharmacies and bla bla bla...; I am still a little bit lost, as while some people say that the best thing would be to do training courses with either Boots or Lloyds, others say that I could start working as a Locum straight away (what scares me at the least)

    The case is, I have applied for pharmacist roles and I have been offered the so-called "EU conversion courses" by both Lloyds and Boots. I am trying to find a little bit about them but I can't, at least on this forum.

    What are the pros and cons? Do you have to keep working with them after finishing? Are they worth? What are the pay rates (I heard something like 20k during the course and 40k after, is that fair?) ? Which one is more beneficial (better training, more opportunities to work after the course, relocate, locum or be flexible)?
    And what were your first experiences after qualifying as pharmacists?

    I know there might be a lot of entries about this in the forum but all of them are a little bit old.

    Regards, hope you all have a nice day!