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Pharmacist / pharmacist manager postion highlands----- admin approved!

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  • johnep
    I note that similar adverts appear in the US for Alaska. Young pharmacists these days seem keen to be near a city.
    I had a holiday near Fort William some years back and agree that it is a wonderful place for a country boy. However, you may find some residual hostility to "Brits". We found that Culloden still remembered. Particularly when we visited Glenfinnan where Bonnie Prince Charlie first landed. That said, I would go if a young man. One of my Uni friends married a girl from Stirling and has retired there after working in industry and setting up an Ibuprofen factory in Australia.

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  • Pharmacist / pharmacist manager postion highlands----- admin approved!

    Hi we have a full time position in our independent pharmacy in Fort Augustus.
    This is a quiet rural pharmacy, part of a small group of 2 (hopefully soon to be 3 rural pharmacies!) and would suit either newly qualified or those looking for a better quality of life.

    Experience of Scottish contract is preferred but not essential as full training and a huge amount of support is provide by a very experienced owner/pharmacist. We embrace the contract and are looking for someone to extend our services and provide the best possible care. We cover a huge extended area and you will become a respected central pillar of that community, you will know everyone and be held in high regard.

    Fort Augustus is a small vibrant village in the centre of the highlands at the southwestern end of loch ness, arguably in the most scenic part of the uk. We have everything on our doorstep for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of congested city life and even more for those looking for an active life.
    The fort is an active village with a selection of restaurants, coffee shops and locally owned stores. Larger facilities are available in Fort William (40 mins drive) and the regional centre of Inverness (50 mins).

    Within a short drive we have ski centres, finest sailing in the UK, world class mountain biking, enough hill walking and mountain climbing to fill a lifetime, kayaking, finest shooting and fishing opportunities in the world, and the golf is amazing.

    There are a number of local sports clubs such as shinty, cricket, badmington, Zumba, HIIT, Rainbows, brownies, beavers cubs and scouts, martial arts.
    A number of local classes are available such as dance, horse riding and photography to name a few.

    If nature is your thing then there is no better please to live with all wildlife you could possibly need. On the way to work this very morning (11-5-19) I spotted 2 otters, several red kites, a golden eagle and more deer than you can shake a stick at. Beaches are hidden gems and frequently you can have a whole beach to yourself. The islands are a short hop away, bringing new meaning to exploring on a Sunday drive.

    Common questions we get are;
    Public transport? You really do need a drivers license to live in this part of the world. The distances are large with not much between settlements, the roads are quiet and traffic generally moves at 60mph, you can cover the 44 miles to Inverness in 50 Mins. There are no pavements or paths between villages with an infrequent and unreliable bus service which costs £17 return to inverness and £10 to Fort William. There is currently no taxi service within the village and a normal fare home from inverness would be £70 to £90.

    Cost of living? Generally much cheaper house and rent prices than the rest of the uk, your heating bills will be higher. Locally grocery prices are higher than average but asda and Tesco both deliver to the area.

    Whats the snow like? We get snow at any point from late October to end of May, but the low roads rarely close for more than an hour or so in the worst of the weather, the area doesn't grind to a halt like when a cm falls on the M25! The hills can hold snow till June. Occasionally snow can lie for 3 or 4 weeks however most locals don't have a 4x4 or specialist vehicles unless they live on a long private road. As we are beside such a large loch the local climate is usually mild.

    Weather? We have all the seasons, usually in one day. Being sheltered from the coast we tend to be colder than average in the winter and a few weeks of -20 is not uncommon. Likewise, in the summer, temperatures can be higher than average in mid 20's

    Midges? You get used to them, living in the area is different to trying to camp in a field with swarms of them, we very rarely use repellent in our day to day life but have it to hand when out exploring.

    Schooling? Primary and secondary schooling is available in the village with 50ish pupils in each ensuring a good standard of education and small class sizes.

    Crime? With the exception of speeding offences crime is virtually non existent. Fort Augustus is very safe, children walk to school and play in the fields while kids bikes lie in the street.

    Job vacancies for my partner? Fort Augustus has 0 unemployment and the wider area is also virtually zero. While career opportunities for professionals are limited locally most people commute to Inverness or Fort William. Semi and non skilled vacancies are plenty and the larger employers have to bus workers in from Inverness.

    To apply or for more details please contact Alan on

    [email protected]