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Which Forums/publications are preferred for job adverts? A few questions.

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  • Which Forums/publications are preferred for job adverts? A few questions.

    We are a busy Aseptic Unit in a large teaching hospital in the North of England. We seem to be having huge problems recruiting both Pharmacists and Technicians interested in working in this field. We advertise via NHS Jobs but get very few applicants, if any at all. For example we have advertised for Pharmacists three times in the past year and only had applicants on one occasion. Unfortunately the candidates accepted rotational positions elsewhere before attending our unit for interview. We have tried advertising the Pharmacists posts as progressive (Band 6 to 7 on completion of training) in order to demonstrate there is the opportunity for internal promotion.

    With this is mind, I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions;

    What are the preferred publications or forums for Pharmacists and Technicians searching for new job opportunities these days?

    Are people aware of the work an Aseptic Unit does? I feel there is very little covered in the Undergraduate course these days.

    Do people prefer patient facing roles?

    Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

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    I am surprised, judging by the number of posters asking for advice on interviews. I always advertised and found jobs in the PJ or Thursday's Daily Telegraph. Ask the admin if you could put an advert here.
    I am sure there are many pharmacists seeking an escape from retail. I made my escape in 1961.


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      Thanks johnep,

      We were thinking about trying the PJ. I'm no longer a member of the RPS so I'm not sure how large their readership is now since the creation of the GPHC but it's certainly worth pursuing.


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        I think the Society's membership is about 40,000. PJ itself, in paper only come out once a month but they've got a website, with all that that implies. TBH, I was quite surprised at the number of jobs (and pharmacies for sale) in there the last couple of issues.

        And good luck; in my hospital days I always found aseptic work interesting, although mine was mainly at weekends.

        Never thought, John, about looking in the Telegraph for pharmacy jobs. Either as an employer or a job-seeker. I'd have had to buy it somewhere I wasn't known of course; could have got some funny looks.


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          Oh well, I used to read the Guardian and the Daily Express. I read the Mail these days as can download it FOC onto my tablet. When repping, often had a long wait in a surgery.


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            As another employer, we use the Job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Networx and always have a good response.

            I post in here as anyone who spends their free time on a pharmacy board has commitment and something to say about the profession. Thus far I have never recruited anyone via this forum but our requirements are rather niche.


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              Thanks for posting.We have many pharmacists complaining about retail. Here is an excellent alternative.


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                Personally I moved on from community 11 years ago to work for EMIS Health.