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  • Career move into Informatics?

    EMIS Health have another vacancy for a pharmacist, office based in North Leeds (or possibly central Glasgow).
    If you are seeking a sideways career move (full re-training is provided) this could be the position for you. With primary care moving to the SNOMED CT coding schema by April 2018 and the rest of the NHS by 2020 this is a opportunity to re-skill and move away from patient facing front line services.[]=Any&pn=1&postcode=&withinMiles=15&runSearch=1

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    Re: Career move into Informatics?

    The Leeds/Glasgow Informatics teams consists of 14 pharmacists and a technician as well as programmers and medical doctors as clinical authors. Half of GPs NHS prescriptions are generated by EMIS Health systems (about a million a day) so here is your opportunity to have a real influence!
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      We presently have two opportunities in Watford for our Community Pharmacy (Proscript/Proscript Connect) system

      One for a pharmacy technician

      One for an experienced pharmacist

      We will have another vacancy for a Pharmacist in early 2018 to work at our Head Office in North Leeds.

      If anyone wants to make a career move into the growing medical information industry get in touch!
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        We are recruiting for another Pharmacist to work at our Head Office in north Leeds


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          There you go folks - get your application in and who knows where it might lead?
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