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  • Absent Recently - Sorry

    Hi Guys

    I haven't been on the forum for a while, and wanted to explain why, so you don't all suddenly think I've given up on the site! For the record I am as committed to the forum as ever, and always will be as long as people want to use it. My week has been pretty horrible: -

    1. My neice has had really bad gastroenteritis, and the poor kid (2 in July) has been so poorly I've been helping my sister out looking after her. She's on the mend now, after two days of constant vomiting.

    Gastroenteritis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2. My sisters husband has hurt his back, and has been out of action all week - he was in bed for 3 days but is on the ment now. Thats why I've been helping her with my neice, as she was so poorly it was hard for her on her own looking after her daughter and husband.

    3. My mum has been diagnosed with pneumonia, but won't follow her GP's advice and go into hospital. She's had a course of anti-biotics (not his first choice of treatment - the hospital was) but is still really poorly, and is acting like stubborn idiot. I convinced her surgery to send another GP to see her on Wednesday, and she just put on a "I'm much better now Doctor" act, yet is still very ill. I'm worried she might even die with it. She has now been ill for two weeks, and her breathing is awful.

    Pneumonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    4. I've had a really bad cold, and have spent the last three days feeling so bad I've only logged onto my PC once I think - very rare for me!

    I just put the links in there in case people read this who aren't familiar with these conditions.

    On the positive side, I've managed to have a guitar lesson, and my husband now calls me Slash!!!!!

    Anyway, glad to see the forum is being used a lot, and welcome to the all the new members. It's great to see more people taking part in debates and asking questions.

    I hope you've all had a better week then me!
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    Re: Absent Recently - Sorry

    Well, last Tuesday week we went into Cambridge to see 'Becoming Jane'. My wife loved it, but I started feeling a bit ill. Developed sore thoat but was booked for series of locums every other day for couple of weeks, just got this weekend off now. Felt a bit diabolical and my wife pressed me to cancel. However head reasonably clear and all pharmacies had competent dispensers so carried on sucking pastilles and taking Vit c and some amoxicillin.

    What puzzled me was that my colds etc are usually gone in couple of days, this one still lingers.

    Had I been in industry would have had the time off. reminded me was one of the reasons why I got out of retail in the 60s. You could not be ill in those days as few locums.

    The only time when I have had to cancel at last minute was when I had vertigo and could not stand up. that was the start of my being diagnosed with blood pressure. ended up three days in hospital.


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      Re: Absent Recently - Sorry

      Sorry to hear of your bad luck admin. Hope everyone gets better soon.

      Can't believe your mother is so stubborn. How unusual for mother and daughter to be so different!

      As to your cold John, I tend to find that I don't get/notice colds anymore unless I get one that puts me on my arse! I think in our job we must build up a resistance to woosy colds and only get the real bastards!
      Hope you get over it soon.

      All the best
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