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  • Sense of humour

    Would you say that most pharmacists have either a dry sense of humour, or tend to have a sarcastic one?

    I started off as monty-phython zany as a studuent, then went mildly sarcastic, grew into full-blown sarcasm then mellowed to dry.
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    How times change.

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    My missus said that she always thought that all pharmacists were mental, until she met me!

    Now she knows it!

    Another pharmacist said that a friend asked him, "Does pharmacy attract or create nutters?"

    As for your original question I think that sarcasm is the main part coupled with a dry wit and incredibly bad puns.

    #Ibuleve that for every drop of rain that falls.#
    #This is the dawning of the age of the aqueous#
    #I like to Mobic Mobic#

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