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    How about setting up a new generics company using subscriptions from the pharmacy register.

    If each community pharmacist put up an amount, a company could be started that did a few commonly prescribed generics that they could then order from their wholesalers and dispense. If the prices were carefully set then everyone would benefit, especially the community pharmacists as shareholders. When it gets big, just sell out to Teva etc and start again!

    I think this is what Eastern Pharmaceuticals did, only with branded generics with doctors as shareholders. Their brand Amoram had the same markings as Lagap, so they were obviously made by Lagap under contract.

    Haven't got enough savings at the moment to try this out, but if we run it as a "phantasy" company, what generics would we start with?
    Best to get hold of some PPA dispensing figures, some bulk ingredients and get the tablet punch dusted down. Alternatively, get them made under contract by one of the generic manufacturers.
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