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Coppers targetting drivers

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  • Coppers targetting drivers

    Don't know if anyone saw it but the Assoc of Chief Police Officers has vowed to target drivers that use loopholes to avoid prosecution.

    I felt a little aggrieved at this so I wrote them a little note.

    (Speed cameras and the like being another thing that p*sses me off!)

    I wrote congratulating them on their plan and then asked if they could look into the following loophole abusers:

    Les Owen allowed his driver to drive at 82mph in a 40 zone and 86 in a 50 zone and only received a written warning

    Jeremy lowe caught speeding and let off apparently he "needed a wash"

    David Burlingham used loopholes to avoid 2 prosecutions

    Mark Hilton drove at 160mph on the motorway and at over 100 on several A and B roads, initially acquitted and then convicted but not sentenced because he'd suffered 2.5 years of strife in the courts.

    I then pointed out that Les Owen is a Chief Supt, it's Det Insp Lowe, PC David Burlingham and PC Mark Hilton.

    I then asked about the 59 cases of marked police cars that were let off from speeding by Derbyshire police when only 14 were using Blues and Twos!

    My missus reckons I'm gonna have police cars following me 24-7!
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    I guess that's the perks of their job!
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