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Welcome Back Zoggite!!!!!!

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  • Welcome Back Zoggite!!!!!!

    Welcome back Zoggite. How was your holiday? Tell us all about it please, if you have time.

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    Yes, I'm back...[BIG sigh...]
    Customs wouldn't let me bring the weather back with me, though- Sorry!
    Besides, it was getting a little bit too hot, even I start wilting above 35°C!!Spent a couple of nights moored up next to "Drumbeat", Simon Le Bon's 178-foot luxury sailing yacht: now that is a sight to behold! her main mast is 208 feet tall, her hull is navy blue and polished like a mirror, and has a row of spotlights fitted just below the waterline on both sides, so that at night she looks like she's floating on eerie liquid jade, and you can see all the fishes attracted by the glare...
    Incidentally, you can charter "Drumbeat" by the week, for a mere $180.000/wk (yes, one hundred and eighty thousand US Dollars only), so if you're at a loss about what to do with your next bonus (or poker win?), I've got just the thing...
    Anyway, I feel very much relaxed now, not having seen an FP10 since june 1st;How have you all been keeping? Have I missed anything? Please don't mention the ruddy football, I've been unable to avoid that scourge!
    Ze genuine Article, present & perfect!


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      What's your day job,pharmacy's obviously a hobby with a yatch that big or am I missing something!
      Kemzo the pharmacist forumly known as kemzero