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  • Unsociable hours

    Some of the comments are pertinent.
    The hours have always been long and unsociable but were tolerable.
    Now it is not so any more.
    47 BC : Julius Cesar : Veni Vidi Vici : I came, I saw I conquered.
    2018 AD : Modern Man : I shopped, I clicked, I collected.
    How times change.

    If you find you have read something that has upset or offended you an anyway please unread it at once.

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    More likely the intolerable working conditions. I got out of retail because I was fed up having to work Easter Saturday and only the bare two days off at Christmas when many had the week off until the New Year.
    However, at my choice I did a stint of night work at the shoe 24 hr hour branch in Aldgate and also locumed at weekends. I worked every day during the jubilee celebrations. Also the odd Easter Sunday rota.


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      They're having a laugh if they think it's about unsociable hours... when it's all about poor working conditions, poor wages and bullying from management. And to make it worse, they want to get pharmacists from abroad?? There's a surplus of pharmacists in the country... They just don't get it.... Or just want to look the other way?


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        My experiences of working with a lot of pharmacists in their 20s and early 30s is that unsociable hours is one factor among many others - poorer pay, long hours, poor conditions and retail culture.

        Basically I came across a lot of pharmacists that basically thought it absolutely sucks working till 11pm or midnight on a weekday or Saturday, but at least it's quiet. You know the story, someone qualifies, they then have enough of the big chains and locum, then they are scrabbling around trying to find shifts and end up on the weekday nighttime and weekend shifts. Shifts in decent stores become harder to get, more travelling etc. If it is quiet and you aren't harassed by the corporates and enjoy the team you work with working these hours is tolerable, if the chains are constantly on your back, staff leave, understaffed, no breaks and increased volume of course people are going to become resentful of the hours and think hey I should leave pharmacy or go into a GP surgery. Working till 10pm/11pm/midnight worked before mass EPS where the pharmacist could watch tv on her/his phone. have a natter, chill out and call friends/spouses.

        I saw a lot of retail pharmacists who negotiated 3 or 4 day contracts the last year I was in pharmacy. I think that speaks volumes about the sustainability/conditions/late hours.

        As a former staff member in pharmacy having to work till 10 or 11 and regular weekends (although I got out of them the last year I worked yay) and for minimum wage it kills off your life, you have no life. It's not work it. It's also a reason why I wouldn't want to become a pharmacist.


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          I'm 30, so think im classed as a millennial.

          With our generation, we dont have a huge amount of prospects to look forward to, not like our parent's generation. No wage increases, huge housing prices, increasing inflation, high costs absolutely everywhere, and more illness due to climate change.

          So when the elderly say 'oh we worked hard, you guys are snowflakes, and not willing to work. That's how you get to where we are'. That isnt the case anymore.
          family life has completely gone. Gone are the days where only one parent could work to provide for the whole family and the other parent could choose to.

          So our generation only sees the future to be utterly bleak. There absolutely nothing to hope for and hence why so many of us are so clinically depressed. We're gonna be made to work way past 70. There hasnt been a generation that has been hit so hard since ww2.

          So when we do have work, when want it to be perfect. want good working conditions and helpful teams and non stressful environment and fair pay Because we know we're going to be stuck in work for a very long time.

          I've been qualified 4 years. In the first 1.5 years, I came across 2 locum shifts which I covered where the original pharmacist had committed suicide.

          I have come across 2 other situations where pregnant women miscarried their child, and they could pinpoint it to their work stress. On one of these occasions, the pharmacist linked it to an absolute telling off she got from an area manager of a multiple. And the pressure the AM was putting on her.

          We live in a totally shit society. Our working conditions are awful. i thought these kinds of conditions and day to day living was only found in the US.


          • StraightOuttaDispensary
            Editing a comment
            I kinda have to agree with a lot of what you've said there, I am 31 and have been qualified for 7 years and I left community for the exact reason you've specified.... however the way I see it is that your destiny is in your hands and therefore you have the power to change what you're doing now and do something else. It's never too late.

            Our prospects in terms of housing, wages etc are total rubbish. Back 30 years ago, house prices were 2-3x the average wage whereas now... it's more like 8-12x the average wage. Those are the cards we've been dealt unfortunately.

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          I had a 100 hour pharmacy and worked all hours. Covered Christmas Day rota most years, but was paid £250/hr for the 2 hour shift. Two hours work paid for all of Christmas and some.


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            I worked xmas day for 6h for £25ph.

            I know you guys may criticise. But it's easy for you to do that.

            I was desperate for income and had been on the register for a month. So wasn't getting much work and other pharmacists particularly those who were managers didn't want a 'new' pharmacist.

            So when we dont help each other out newly qualified get forced to accept crap rates.