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    Will be doing a 600 mile round trip on a very regular basis. Need a 5 seater minimum. How far can I go with full charge? Charging time? Recommendations?

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    This is my favourite, especially in blue rather than a more boring colour.

    You can get dual fuel cars too to extend your range. It’s not possible for me to be an early adopter of electric cars as my house is too far from the main road, and short of digging up half the front garden it would be impossible to plug it in at home.

    The brochure is best viewed in landscape and gives you an idea of what the range is. You could seek out chargers along the route and use the place for a coffee stop or just to stretch your legs. You need somewhere to plug it in at your destination too or you will be pushing it home!

    While we are talking about cars, I saw an interesting number plate near The Wheatsheaf in Sunderland on my way to South Shields on Sunday. It was FP10 and some other numbers which I didn’t catch as I was so excited by the FP10! A convertible car, no idea whose make it was and I can’t even remember what colour it was. Driven by a grey haired bloke. I do hope that the driver is, or was, a pharmacist, or had something to do with pharmacy. It should be fairly easy to obtain an FP10 registration as it’s a standard issue from Nottingham. You could try to get FP10 and your initials or something meaningful to you.


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      Thank you Sparky. Will look at dual fuels.