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  • The Dark Side

    Old woman wailing:

    You might like to skip on down.

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    If you're of the female persuasion, don't go on a date with El loco. Last one was taken to my dentist to have 3 teeth taken out. Was a bit wobbly for a while. Only time I take a woman out and don't bring 100% of her back.

    The sharks didn't get her - but (sigh) I didn't either. We've probably fallen out termiinally now. All my fault.


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      How can the Ovaltinies possibly be considered "The Dark Side"?

      It's El-loco's aim to make you see what you've lost:



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        Suppose you didn't have sat-nav. Suppose you didn't have GPS. Suppose you were never on here.



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          What are my chances of getting the "n" word into this forum without Elaine banning me?



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            Extremely slim!

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            I wouldn't have it any other way. (As the actrice said to the bishop.)

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          This is just to piss off the brexiteers:



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            Hi Eve, it's me, God.

            Oh hi.

            Look, there's a tree you can't eat from.

            Which tree?

            That one there.

            Oh, that one.

            He's talking to a WOMAN ffs.

            And the serpent was cursed for all time for telling the truth.


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              You don't think this is the dark side?

              Put this on while you're driving:


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                The Ovaltineys were on Radio Luxembourg.


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                  Luciano Pavarotti was born in 1935 in northern Italy, despite which his rendering of Neapolitan, to my ears, is perfect.

                  Back in 1954 I used to listen to "Sorrento" on an old 78rpm record on my grandmother's wind-up gramophone. A few years ago I decided to go and find the song. Go to Sorrento and you can't help but find it.

                  But the bugger leaves out a verse!

                  "Guarda attuorno sti sserene
                  Ca te guardano 'ncantate
                  E te vonno tantu bene
                  Te vulessero vasá"

                  Now I know you lot don´t understand Neapolitan so I´ll translate it for you:

                  "Guarda intorno queste Sirene
                  Che ti guardano incantate
                  E ti vogliono tanto bene
                  Ti vorrebbero baciare"



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                    Not keen on Italian food though:



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                      And let´s not forget the germans.

                      Lale Andersen made another version of this in 1944. Very VERY dangerous.

                      But you lot dun´t wanna know.



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                        You´re probably breaking the law by listenning to this:



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                          And you certainly are by listening to this.



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                            Wow, can´t believe Radio 2 is right now playing this:
                            Last edited by El-loco; 23rd, June 2017, 02:14 AM.