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  • Safe Sex?

    (I wonder if this thread will get a lot of views )

    Having heard our Home Secretary defending the forthcoming legislation designed - she says - to protect unwilling prostitutes from exploitation, I'm wondering if the time has come when every packet of condoms should be sold with a free affidavit.

    For men who pay for sex with trafficked women, ignorance is no longer a defence | Society | The Guardian

    From the article: "Key facts

    · Men to be prosecuted if they pay for sex with women who are trafficked or under control of a pimp

    · Ignorance that woman was being controlled not to be a defence and conviction to carry hefty fine and criminal record

    · Men who knowingly pay for sex with trafficked women may face rape charges

    · First-time kerb crawlers face prosecution and naming and shaming"

    A question arises: Does that mean that if a woman has sex with me, she can be charged with rape, because she knew I support my wife financially? Surely it can't be easy to prove that money changed hands.

    Or is this a piece of sexually biased legislation?

    You couldn't make it up, could you. Good intentions, but not thought through.
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    ....just my opinion

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    Re: Safe Sex?

    What about chemical castration for men like that? It would be good for pharmacy--we could dispense the drug and claim daily supervised consumption fees! (mind you that adds a whole new meaning to "daily pick-up"--groan)
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