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  • Placebo effect

    Here's a wee joke from another site.....

    funny story I know comes from someone's father-in-law who is a pharmacist. One of his customers complained that the capsules she'd been given weren't working. "Oh," he said, "You've been taking them the wrong way. You have to take them so that the green half goes in first." He said that she stopped by a week later to let him know that her medication was working fine now.

    Here's Fleegs...(true story)..

    As a student, I worked in a hospital pharmacy for two summers. Patients at the psychiatric unit were regularly prescribed "Setacol" to help them sleep. There were a variety of strengths...Setacol W, Setacol B and Setacol P. They worked every time...W, B,and P stood for "White", "Blue" and "Pink", and "Setacol" is an anagram of "Lactose".

    Anyone have any other placebo stories?....Post them!

    Don't Stop Believing