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  • Earning extra income - ideas

    One morning, saw a car with a big print 'need financial advices? please call xxxxxxxxxxx', thought the car owner is a financial adviser. The car owner later came into pharmacy to say he is a locum pharmacist!

    Heard about advertising on car, this locum might be earning extra money monthly

    Any good ideas?
    i am telling you about pharmacy life in practice, together with my personal opinions i think might be better for pharmacy practices

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    Re: Earning extra income - ideas

    I did this as a locum in Edinburgh..Buy a private number plate that suits you..once you own the number you will require to have the plates made. Where the dealer name at the bottom of the plate (their advertising) usually goes, get Halfords or whoever to add your own advertising "xxxxxx Locum Pharmacist".

    The whole cost of buying the number itself, and plates can then be offset against tax as advertising.

    It sounds bloody naff now I know, but I was just a wee boy!
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