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Strangest Thing That's Happened to you at work

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  • Strangest Thing That's Happened to you at work

    I was once working at a very busy store in a shopping centre. One of the security guards came rushing in saying the guy in the barbers was having a heart attack and could I help him.

    I thought I'd just keep him calm and loosen his collar, that type of stuff. When I got there a poor old guy was laying on the floor going blue.

    I took his pulse, and was on the phone to the emergency services, when he let out a moan, and a few seconds later his pulse stopped. I checked in three places for a pulse - none!

    The guard had one of those mouth protectors, so I told him to do the breaths, and I'd do his chest. He did two breaths, until his chest rose and I told him to stop, and I did 15 on his chest. We kept this up for about ten minutes, as the ambulance staff had to get through the centre etc which took extra time. When the paramedic walked in I thought "great I'm knackered" and she said "don't stop, you're doing a great job". All I could think of was "you can't die with half a hair cut!". They put the defrib on him and he had zero output. They shocked him about 3 times, and still nothing.

    I went away feeling a bit low, but felt I did the best I could. He walked back into the shop a few weeks later, with his wife, daughter and a camera! Unfortunately I was working elsewhere at the time. The hospital staff said he would have died if I hadn't helped him.

    The moral of the story is of course keep up to date your first aid skills as you never know when you may need them. As for me, I have never been on a first aid course in my life and got it off watching casualty!

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