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what's the record for emergency supplies in a single day?

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  • what's the record for emergency supplies in a single day?

    All of you fellow holiday resort community pharmacists out there will be familiar with the phrase"I've come away without my medicine/inhaler/insulin/etc(delete as appropriate)", "they're little white tablets for blood pressure, if you show me the box I'll recognise it"; So with Easter only a few weeks away, who thinks they can beat my record of 78 requests for Emergency supplies on a Good Friday?
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    I can't beat that!

    I used to do a regular locum in Withernsea, a quiet little seaside town on the east coast. I did a few, but never that many in a day!

    Do you charge for them? Here the norm is to lend drugs, but I always do it properly and make a charge. It's amazing when you ask for say £4 how they suddenly find their drugs!
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      78 Emergency supplies in one day? My wife worked in a shop on Newquay seafront and they would do several dozen a week but nowhere near that many!

      How about BEST cases for emergency supply. My old boss had a holidaymaker come down without their.... Wait for it...... Sandimmun. Yes, he forgot the medication that would stop him rejecting his transplanted liver!
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        emergency supplies

        I wasn't even counting the "loans" I do for patients for whom I have records of scripts, it would get even sillier...
        I'm talking purely of holidaymakers and day-trippers who've driven a hundred miles to their caravan and then discovered they'd left their medicines at home: most of them (about 95%) are actually relieved that they won't have to brave the weekend traffic or the long wait at the out-of-hours service to get themselves sorted out, I've had several people thank me for supplying them with their insulin evn though I had explained to them that it would cost them £25 for a box of 5 penfills...
        In my experience so far, people would rather cough up (within reason) than have the hassle of having to hunt down a script on a saturday afternoon!
        BTW, I charge a minimum of £5 for an e/supply, and I'm sure some english patients have discovered that it's still cheaper to come here and claim to have forgotten their ventolin at home, than to pay the script charge for one!
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          charging for an ES!

          I've had them come in saying they will die without their ventolin inhaler and are shocked when I tell them, I have to charge 4 quid for an ES.

          Nearly all of them have walked away (obviously they would sooner die, than pay 4 quid!)

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