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6 month UK placement for german pre-reg pharmacist

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  • 6 month UK placement for german pre-reg pharmacist

    Hello everyone,

    I am pre-reg pharmacist in Germany who wants to find a 6 month community pharmacy placement in the UK. For your background: In Germany, it is possible to extend the pre-registration training for additional experiences in other pharmacy fields. Therefore, I sent out several applications to different community pharmacies in different cities. Some managers did not reply and other said that they do not offer something like that. Some questions came to my mind:

    1. Is it even possible to do an internship as a pre-reg pharmacist in the UK? I am not familiar with the UK legislation.
    2. If it is not possible, do you think if there is any "loophole"? For example applying for a short-term pharmacy assistant job to increase my chances.
    3. My aims are to learn something about the NHS (complete other system than in Germany) and to improve my English skills. Would you recommend me to do an internship in a British pharmacy to reach that goals?

    If you need more information, please let me know.
    Thank you!

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    I think contacting RPS or GPHC would be more helpful.


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      Thank you, I will try it and will share my experience with GPHC and RPS later on.


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        Little status update:

        I have contacted the GPHC and they provided me an answer within one day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do an internship. If I would have the wish to become a registered pharmacist, then it would be possible via the OSPAP.


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          I thought so, it has gotten more complex after Brexit.