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  • Sharps disposal - Barcelona Area

    I’m going to Spain this evening but I’m currently having daily injections. I have an empty sharps bin which is in two pieces to fit in my bag, but coming home it will be bigger because it has been put together. Does anyone know where I can dispose of the bin before heading home? I’ve just spent the past two hours trying to get my case and bags within the weight limit so I want to offload as much as possible before coming home.

    So can I just take the box to a pharmacy or some other medical facility?

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    Call in at a city centre pharmacy and ask. Bound to be local addicts and Pharmacies may well run needle exchange so would be used to taking in sharps boxes. I did this when working in Cambridge.
    Have a great time. Could take advice from airport pharmacy as well while you wait to board.


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      I've had a quick look on an ex-pat forum and it looks like health centers accept sharps containers.

      Probably worth trying to track one down early on your trip.

      Have a nice break!!
      I remember when a blog was an individual boot.


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        Just dropping back in to inform you of how my sharps disposal worked out. I was allowed an extra medicine bag by the airline which was restricted to 5kg. Obviously, my stoma stuff took up most of this allowance, so I had to find an alternative to the sharps box, both for space reasons and for weight. After a bit of thought I realised that the syringes weren’t the problem. I could put them in with the stoma waste products so that solved that problem.

        That just left left the needles themselves to either keep safe or dispose of. Gazing around the house in search of a container, I noticed an empty Rolo tin from Christmas. It is only about three inches in diameter, so it doesn’t take much room and the needles would fit nicely, and safely inside. I didn’t have any problems with it going through the security checks either going or returning.

        Heres a photo of the tin. They may be back in the shops soon as Christmas is coming!