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  • Registering in France

    Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help here!
    im currently on a career break from a hospital pharmacist job in the UK and I’m living in France. I’m at the point of having to decide whether or not I go back. In the interim, I’m considering registering as a pharmacist in France whilst the UK is still in the EU, but I’m struggling to find any reasonable info on the French registration side. I know I need a certificate of competence from the GPhC but they send it directly to whoever it is in France that would be dealing with my application. At the moment, I don’t intend to work here, as my language skills aren’t quite up to it at the mo, but I was hoping to register as non-practicing (if there’s such a thing in France) then at least I’m on the register prior to Brexit and i can take it from there. So, at the mo, i don’t have a prospective employer so I’m not sure where this GPhC form should go to.
    Any suggestions? Anyone been through this process recently? Advice/ pointers greatly appreciated.

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    There was a pharmacist posting on Private Rx who lived in France and tried to get work as a pharmacist. She met obstruction everywhere.
    Let us know how you get on.


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      If your language skills aren’t up to working in France I doubt if they will be up to negotiating the bureaucracy associated with registration. I know those registering in Ireland often find it cumbersome and that is working in their first language!


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        Why not ask the RPS? They should know. If, of course, you’re a member.