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    Hi guys,

    I'm considering going to work abroad for a while, nothing set in stone yet.

    was hoping you guys could recommend some agencies/websites to get information from?

    I've tried googling it but nothing seems that clear, it's mostly ads leading to other people's websites.....etc

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    If you really want to abroad for the sake of it, then VSO could be the way to go.
    Otherwise Bermuda used to regularly advertise for pharmacists.
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      Voluntary Service Overseas places pharmacists. Any non-Engluage languages?


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        Thank you John, I have looked at the mercy ships in the past and would really like to do something like that at some point but can't afford to at the moment.

        It would have to be a paid position


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          Many years ago a pre-reg of mine got a job in Bermuda straight affter qualifying. Pretty sure she ended up in Canada some years later.


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            Not easy to find some paid employment working as a pharmacist - unless you are willing to do internship and local equivalency tests.
            Unless you speak a European language fluently, have cultural knowledge and can take advantage of Euro free movement while it lasts.

            Doors might open again to the commonwealth after Brexit, but I doubt it as on principle Aus and NZ had their reciprocal agreements nulled out because of EU free movement and they don't really have to start them up again. There is no real UK shortage of pharmacists any more anywhere - other than places where no-one would want to work because of T&C or the personal risk of the local area.

            Johnep mentioned Bermuda :

            There has also be an article on a pharmacist or two in the Defence Medical Service.

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              Bermuda was one of my export markets and I visited twice a year to call on the Drs and pharmacists. One of the English expats said the main attraction for him was the scuba diving. I first stayed at the Princess and later at the yacht club where our agent was a member. I enjoyed the Black Rum.


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                There are often some vacancies published from some agencies in the Falklands. Worth checking up on those.


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                  Sorry guys I should have said, I'm a tech not a pharmacist

                  I've spoken to an agency about the Falklands before, I'm quite interested in that, doesn't come up to often though


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                    OK. In that case your best chance is working in a hospital overseas. Try Google to find out main hospitals in the Commonwealth and write to them.. Also USA.


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                      Thanks again john


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                        If you don't mind learning another language and don't mind earning less comparatively with the UK then go for it. I've just made a quick search and there are loads of jobs available for technicians in Bogotá and in San José de Costa Rica. Average salary in Bogotá would be of about £300 and of £900 in Costa Rica. The cost of living is way lower though. From what I can see you'd also need to have some qualification in phlebotomy if working in comunity, but there are a few positions for hospitals too. I checked and and look for 'Auxiliar farmacia'. Good luck.