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  • Australian Text book help

    I am sitting my CAOP Uk to Aus pharmacy exam most likely next FEB.
    I need two books :
    1) Australian medicines handbook
    2) Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary

    Does anybody know how often these are released?
    Any websites you know I can order them from ? tried amazon etc but couldn't find them

    Many thanks.

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    Try this link for the first book.
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      Late to the party but their own actual websites will tell you. (As Pharmanaut above...Google a bit harder. Hint: The APF is distributed by the PSA (Pharmaceutical Society of Australia)

      The AMH is fantastic. Kicks the sorry BNF's arse and I hope they take notice but I doubt they will.

      The APF used to be focused around old school extemporaneous dispensing but has shifted focus the last few additions with the addition of various OTC counseling scenarios.

      If you don't need a current edition of either then you can always try the Oz university second hand book sites or Gumtree to pick one up cheap if you can convince someone to go for overseas postage.

      If you go through the companies, don't forget to ask them to not charge the GST (=VAT) as you're not required to pay it since you are overseas. I found that it worked out to around my postage to the UK.



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