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    im a uk pharmacist qualified here and been working here for 7 years, im interested in working down under Australia. How difficult is the process? What books do I need to study for to pass the exam ?
    Any help appreciated.

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    Contact the Australian embassy in London. No shortage of Pharmacists in Australia and you are unlikely to be welcomed with open arms. May even need a visa.


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      Have a look at
      There are agencies recruiting but jobaroo recommends allowing two years for registration, examination if necessary, and job-hunting, although it does say it’s likely to be less than that for British pharmacists. The Australian Government also runs migration fairs. May need a job offer and almost certainlymoney in the bank if over 40.


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        The pharmacy situation is dire over there. Might be worth it if you were prepared to go country. Suggest reading the various online trade magazines such as the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.

        True anecdote is that a UK (ie pommy) pharmacist friend of mine went over many moons ago and found it almost impossible to get the required placement in a pharmacy. Apparently as soon as they found out he was English they went cold on him. Fact is, the reputation is one of slackers with minimal work ethic...unjustified of course :-p

        Here's an article to start off...

        Good luck cobber!