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Fluxetine (SSRI): during night?

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  • Fluxetine (SSRI): during night?

    I saw several times Fluxetine prescribed at bed time. Is this correct while the references advise not to take at this time because of the sleep disturbances it may cause? It was not only time but a specific Psychotherapist used to prescribe this way and 'cause I was a locum pharmacist she just did not pay attention to my opinion! or may be I am wrong?

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    Fluoxetin specially when starts make significant restlessness compared with other SSRIs. so it`s not rationally to use them at night . but other SSRIs such Citalopram & Serteralin have paradoxical effect.(almost they make people fall to sleep) in some people they induce anxiety-restless(first weeks of treatment) and in some somnolence.
    then when i give patients SSRIs notice them use at start of day BUT if they feel somnolence take drug before bed.
    it was always a question for me.why some people react to drug differentially?! their liver enzyms? their genetics? their CNS??