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Tramadol & Premature Ejaculation

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  • Tramadol & Premature Ejaculation

    opioides can delay ejaculation, how about Tramadol(weak agonist)? any opinion?

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    There is some evidence Tramadol can help this problem.

    "Tramadol seems to provide significantly better results in terms of intravaginal ejaculatory latency time and intercourse satisfaction versus placebo"
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      have you heard this sort of addiction?!

      Tramadol addiction!
      wow! it seems strange for me, but one of my friends who is GP has told me that one of his patients is addicted to tramadol Tablets 10 tabs/day!! how could this patient tolerate the nausea-vomiting addverse effects of the drug I'm wondering?!


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        I suspect that as with many other opiates & opioids a certain tolerance builds up over time; I have been given 10mg of morphine sulphate once, and I was sick for 48 hours because of it; but I have patients who take 200mg twice a day and seem fine, they even drive their cars, despite my warnings that their medication could seriously affect their ability to drive...!
        Ze genuine Article, present & perfect!


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          you are right Zo

          Dear Zo,
          I've forgotten the tolerance! yes, the tolerance to the adverse effects! but I think recovery from this sort of addiction (to tramadol) could be more difficult.