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anticholinergics for treating depression?

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  • anticholinergics for treating depression?

    as you know 2 most used anticholinergics to cover extrapyramidal reaction occure with antipsychotics are Biperiden & Trihexifenidil . Biperiden can be abused for euphory . the question : dose Biperiden exert this by increasing Dopamin ? can we make drugs in this class to increase amount of Dopamin. and see Bupropion like responce??

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    I do not understand the question. Are you asking "does Biperiden cause euphoria" by increasing dopamine levels? If so then the answer must be yes, as thats what anticholinergics ultimately do.

    Are you also asking are there other drugs in this group, or can other drugs in this group be abused?
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