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  • Useful Pharmacy Links

    Here is a section where you can find links to useful pharmacy web sites. You can add any site that represents known pharmaceutical organisations, such as regulatory bodies, retail companies, hospitals etc that people may want to contact. This does not mean put your own ebay pharmacy site here, or any other such advertising.

    Please do not attempt to use this section to advertise sites selling drugs, such as foreign on-line pharmacies, locum agencies, recruitment agencies etc as these links will be removed.

    This section is not a place for advertising, but to develop a useful list for the members of this forum.
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    Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

    You could always try


    A wonderful site with lots of useful links and set up by a devilishly handsome pharmacist!
    Linnear MRPharmS

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    For handy pharmacy links try

    If you like my posts or letters in the journal try my books!


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      Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

      A couple more... I'm no good with words and explaination but here goes (feel free to edit and expand ):


      The PDA - The Pharmacists' Defence Association - Home Page
      Onion Bunny


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        Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

        Try Clinicians ultimate guide to drug therapy. I just saw this one today. Could be useful, however I would not rely soley on the calculations they provide, would make sure they are correct (I didn't think opioid converter was accurate).

        Also, I find this one to be a useful source to look up drugs in lactation:
        LactMed Search


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          Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

          I'm working on this site to help give preregistraton students OTC, clinical, and counselling knowledge for the exam and of course for the rest of there pharmacy career.

          The site is not fully completed yet, still under contruction but have a look at the OTC section which i've been working on.

          Hopefully when i get most the content down that i want to share it will be a good resource for pharmacists and pharmacy prereg students
          [URL=""][/URL] A guide for preregistration students [URL=""]Pharmacy Exam[/URL]


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            Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

            Thought this was worth putting up:

            NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries
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              Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

     - Pharmacy medicines, Self care health advice, Self medication
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                Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

                Right - saw this mentioned in the MoS a while ago - thought it may be worth sticking up :

                Hard To Find Medicines

                Registered internet pharmacy

                ”We are real. We are not glam sh*t or anything else. We are Guns N’ Roses.”


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                  Re: Useful Pharmacy Links

                  free CPD and learn about paediatric minor ailments at the same time

                  Paediatric Minor Ailments Electronic Learning Package