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Access to the Summary Care Record

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  • Access to the Summary Care Record

    The trials have started of the Summary Care Record. An initial upload of current medications, adverse reactions and allergies from the GP system where it is held, is moved up to the CfH Spine. Community Pharmacy has been lobbying for access to this record as a safety check that the medication about to be dispensed by them will not interact with those the patient is already taking. Last week Ministers promised a consultation on such an access. Does Pharmacy generally want this access? Are Pharmacists prepared for the chore of logging in and out using a Smartcard in order to gain the access? (that is a new personal smartcard, not the current one for ETP R1 that the whole dispensary can use). Will every script have to be checked against the central Summary Record 'just in case'? Who is professionally liable if the check is not made but something goes wrong? Lots of questions....