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Behaviour of Spammers.

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  • Behaviour of Spammers.

    AS you may know, we appear to be under some attack at this moment.. In the beginning hackers were out for some fun and we got to lots of Porn. Then a spam industry developed when it was realised that Google searched for number of times a site was accessed. Spammers saw a way of making money. They would say that they could increase hits on a site by Google and proceed to push links onto forums. Latterly, with the growth of online media stars, they target a forum and post as many links as possible. Some use this method for malware placement of "phishing".
    I have dealt with many of them on various forums and patrol this one some three or more times a day. I usually give them enough rope to hang themselves.
    So, never click on a link in open forum. Send a PM request instead.

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    There do seem to be a lot of spam posts at the moment and you are doing well to keep up.
    Does the forum have any policies in place to prevent fake users getting on? Blocking IP addresses by country could be used but may go against the international nature of the forum. Some of the recent posts look like they are created by bots rather than real people and some things could be done to prevent them. Are user email addresses verified for new members? Is there a way to include a Recaptcha check for new posts and replies?
    So, never click on a link in open forum. Send a PM request instead.
    I wouldn't advise sending a PM request to someone who I suspect of being a spammer.
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      Everyone who joins the forum has their IP address checked by myself. They need to have replied to an automated email to verify the email is a real one. If the country does not match where they say they are I delete the account. The recent problem posts have come from people inside the UK (or that’s where they IP comes up as ).

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    Tim Berners-Lee.
    Look everyone I've invented the world-wide-web!

    First message 3 Seconds later: Dear recipient. Someone has tried to access your bank account to take 300 units. Please click on this link to verify your details.

    At least when writing was done on tablets of stone it took some effort to spam people.
    47 BC : Julius Cesar : Veni Vidi Vici : I came, I saw I conquered.
    2018 AD : Modern Man : I shopped, I clicked, I collected.
    How times change.

    If you find you have read something that has upset or offended you an anyway please unread it at once.