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Smart Cards for EPSR2

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  • Smart Cards for EPSR2

    You might have already seen this, but here it is just in case.

    Get clued up before it happens.

    Smart Cards Pharmacy IT PSNC
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    Re: Smart Cards for EPSR2

    If dispensers are required to visit PCT offices can forsee problems re time off to do this and also transport for those who do not have a car. Majority of staff who opt to work in retail do so because it is local. Rural areas will find it difficult to reach PCT offices by public transport. I had to go to Norwich and was round trip of 120 miles.


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      Re: Smart Cards for EPSR2

      Another issue..vehicle insurance..

      Is the dispenser's car fully insured for business use?

      Years ago, I asked a member of staff to nip up to a branch of the same chain to pick up an item we did not stock, in order to fill a script.

      She was involved in a minor collision with another car, and her insurance did not pay out, as the trip was deemed "business use", which she was not insured for.

      Similar problems can arise with Rx and O2 delivery services carried out by staff in their private vehicles.

      One to watch.
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