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    Here is a brief one, as usual received in morse code from a secret transmitter.

    The creation of Pharmacist Supplementary and Independent prescribers looks like it will create a new twist in the development direction of pharmacy software. Evolution from PMR dispensing into a prescribing system is just over the horizon. It's not just the facility to print a prescription, but the necessity to record findings, diagnosis and follow-up. Letters will also need to be generated for the GP. (probably will be some kind of e-communication). Hopefully there will be some funding to help with the cost of development.

    Have you thought about the implications of Independant prescribers? There doesn't seem to be anything to prevent private consultations and prescriptions being written for either Nurse or Pharmacist. There also does not seem to be anything to prevent either prescriber skilled in homeopathy or herbalism to prescribe in this field either via NHS or privately.
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