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E/S or loans using Pharmacy Manager

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  • E/S or loans using Pharmacy Manager

    Can use most the basics of Pharmacy Manager and some of the extra stuff too but cannot seem to get my head around how best to process:

    a) emergency supply request by patient

    b) emergency supply request by GP - i.e. script will follow

    c) loan i.e. emergency supply but script will follow.

    Personally I only like options a+b but c happens in many places so want to know if there is a way to easily record this within Pharmacy Manager and have the system automatically deduct the relevant quantity when the remainder of the script is dispensed.

    Anybody willing to have a go at idiot-proof instructions?!

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    Re: E/S or loans using Pharmacy Manager

    If I remember correctly:

    Double quick green FP10 or use alt + F to change form to Emergency Supply!
    This is for requests from patients. It has no prescriber and puts "emergency supply" on the label and works out a price.

    Use the tick box top left for at the request of a prescriber. Lets you add the reason too.

    Loans are not allowed under revised RPSGB guidelines. Is an ES if needed.