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NVQ 3 unit 9 extemp preparations

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  • NVQ 3 unit 9 extemp preparations

    I have a question re this unit. Obviously nobody really makes anything up now in community pharmacy. One of the questions in the unit is for the student to say how they would know it was an extemp prep as opposed to something that was licenced. I told my student I would check wholesalers to see if I could purchase a pre-prepared product but feel this may not be the most accurate way. Any suggestions? Been so long since I had to make anything, or had a student to advise.

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    If you are in England/Wales you could check Part VIIIB of the DT - there you will find a listing of common specials.

    If you are in Scotland, then have a look at Part 7S.

    If you are in NI you might need to find info similar to this circular; Specials-Supplement-2020.pdf

    Could look it up on the DM+D and see if it said "Special Order"?
    NHSBSA - dm+d Browser

    Menthol 0.25% in Aqueous cream (Special Order)
    Then have a look at the AMPP.

    The other way would be to check your "Specials provider" website to see if it is listed.

    Advice is don't order anything until you have checked that you will be reimbursed by the NHS.
    Before ordering it - make sure it is what the patient is expecting - cases where they don't need it anymore but it is on repeat.
    Final word of advice - make sure that the quantity ordered is usable within the time of the expiry date.
    If it isn't get prescriptions to cover multiple orders of small quantities.

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