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  • Pharmacy calculations

    I am not understanding this question at all and I am at my wits end trying:

    Explain two reasons why it is important that calculations performed in the pharmacy are accurate. One reason should relate to the final product, the other reason should relate to how it could affect the formulation of a pharmaceutical preparation

    I understand the affects inaccurate calculations will have for the patient but I can not find anything in any course notes relating in any way to the above question. Any help simplifying the question or which direction to go to find the answer for myself would be greatly appreciated.
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    As I have said before in response to similar questions. Decimal points major source of errors. Using concentrated Potassium Chloride and Sodium Phosphate solns have resulted in a few deaths. In the case or errors affecting final product, this really applies to extemp dispensing. Confusion between mgms and grains caused at least one death.
    Should not happen now.
    Always have a Google before asking the question.


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      I did google, but felt that the answers it provided did not fit or clarify the question being asked. This has helped, thank you

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    Other examples related to formulation are mainly errors in quantities to be used. The continued use of the imperial system of pounds and ounces resulted in confusion when sending a spacecraft to Mars. Also a plane was loaded and weight given was pounds but pilot thought were kilos. Plane had to make an emergency landing in mid flight. My own case was a company ordering a vitamin mix where the B12 was given in mgms instead of nmgs. The same thing happened with D Biotin in a baby food. A near miss was Nux vomica liquid extract being prescribed when the tincture (1/10 the strength was intended). When pharmacy changed from imperial to metric. 3mgm of amphetamine sulphate to be added to a mixture was interpreted as 3 grains. One grain equals 60 mgm. The pt died after first dose.
    errors made in calculations would have same possibility.