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    Hello everyone
    can anyone tell me please what is roughly is happening in the professional discussion with the marker over the phone for module 16-18.
    a bit nerves. See if I can prepare myself.

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    This is the bit no-one prepares you for isn't it. I've finished my course now but the discussions went well actually. Your marker will have given you the points they will want to cover during the chat so if you can think of examples of these. 16 & 18 are otc units if I remember so I was asked for example about different class of meds gsl/p/pom and when these could be sold (look through the mep for refence to make sure you have the correct name of the act etc). I jotted notes down relating to my criteria to be covered just in case my mind went to mush. My marker was very nice and put me at ease I just treated it like a chat. I also referred back to reports I'd already submitted as examples also as you may have covered the criteria but they are looking for more clarification.
    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks very much for your reply dear.✌