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  • Hello...

    My names James, I have recently started work at a hospital in the South East as a Ward Based Pharmacy Assistant. I have no previous Pharmacy experience so it has been a challenging start but I feel I have picked up the basics fairly quickly and am on course to complete my NVQ Level 2 within 6 months. I was wondering if there were any others on here in a similar role, and if you could share your experiences of how you have found it working in the role.

    My main role at the moment is processing returns of medication we have dispensed but have not left the hospital, and wondered if anyone with more experience has any useful information to share about maybe preventing waste or any other cost saving initiatives?

    Look forward to hearing from you all.

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      Ah! Processing returns, my favourite job! When I was training in the inpatient department they used to just put all the returns on a table and when they started to fall off then someone would sigh and say, I guess I had better sort that lot out. I hated seeing the table piled with stuff. I’m not particularly tidy at home, but at work I’m a neat freak, so I started putting stuff away pretty much as soon as it came into the dispensary. At the end of my placement one of the other techs said she was going to miss me. Well, not so much me, but the clear table top without any packets falling on the floor!

      cost saving and waste reduction measures aren’t really in your remit, firstly because you don’t know the full process from start to finish, and secondly because more senior people than you have worked out procedures for a reason. It’s easy to go into a department and think, we could save time/money there but your seniors are not thick. At some time most ideas have been tried and discarded or are already being implemented.

      im not trying to dishearten you, but you need to concentrate on working in your own space as best you can, before you try taking over the department.