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  • Pharmacy Support Worker Interview

    Evening everyone!

    I have recently been offered a interview for the position of Pharmacy Support Worker within a Hospital. I really want to give the interview a good shot.

    I have been told I shall have to do a small English and Maths test at the end of my interview. Does anyone have any idea on what the test may cover? And the questions that may be asked?

    Any info is much appreciated!
    Thank you!

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    Been a while since I did one. It was calculations of the sort of you have x of y/z, make it up to blah blah blah, how many of x have you got. Were some questions on how many subunits per units like how many ml in a litre, converting numbers of this sort of stuff. The emphasis was on speed, but correct, you get a lot of people applying for the hospital posts that have experience but are hopeless with calculations.

    Anyone with a decent understanding of A-level chemistry should walk the calculations.