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  • Jen_here
    Basically, for the portfolio, you need to write a short (500 - 1000 words) essays on EVERYTHING you do. Usually, the course will give you a title ie: receiving stock. I treated mine like my own personal SOPs.

    Is the activity log a log of all the things you do? I did the Buttercups course, so mine would be different. But if you're unsure, phone NPA. They will help you.

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  • tina89
    started a topic pharmacy technician course

    pharmacy technician course

    Hello to all
    I recently started my pharmacy technician course on NPA. the first 4 modules were all clear process and all done but from module 5 is all getting complicated. I have read the student guide but still confused and my pharmacist has never done course supervising either. Could someone please help me understand these making portfolio, activity log, master forms and AUPK in a simple way. there are so many information I can't get a clear understanding out of it. Many many thanks