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  • Delivery service limitations

    When delivering pharmacy services to individuals I need to explain my limitations. I can only think about providing info on such things as the minor ailments scheme and prescription pick ups from a surgery and nothing else. Can anyone help me out?!

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    It's basically wanting to make sure you don't do anything you're not competent in. As a community technician your biggest limitation is clinical knowledge, which is why when discussing things with patients we ask for medical history, existing conditions etc. I pretty much feel like triage for the pharmacist. In our pharmacy (and sop) any elderly, pregnant or child patients need to be referred to a pharmacist, so that is a limitation on me because I am not a pharmacist. Often I take down what meds the patient is taking, or a condition ie diabetes, high blood pressure etc and go to the pharmacist and say this patient needs something for a cold/pain relief/anti histamine etc. The pharmacist doesn't need to intervene every customer, but they need to know what you're selling/advising/signposting because they are responsible for what you do. You could also use something like a patient comes in and wants to buy the morning after pill. You're limited because it has to be the pharmacist that sells it. Or a patient needs an emergency supply, the pharmacist has to be the one to assess the patient. Sorry for the essay!


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      Thank you so much and don't apologise for the essay. You have given me a lot of things to talk about in a professional discussion that is coming up!