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    Hi I'm 37 I qualified as a Medicines Counter Assistant in October, I'm currently deciding I work for a big pharmacy been there 15 months, I'm in my notice period deciding on two jobs one as a Medicines Counter Assistant but with better days and a chance to go on the dispenser course after my probation and a smaller business than what I'm in now and the second job for a Trainee Dispenser job but with Rowlands not bad hours either both part time. I've heard lots of changes are happening in Rowlands and not always for the better.

    Any advice welcome, thanks.

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    Do you know how many items both pharmacies do? Any idea of staff levels. You could look up both on NHS statistics if you haven't done already.


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      I will look thanks


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        If it is a good employer the first one should put you on the course. The dispenser course costs nowt to put you on, it's peanuts. It's just that bad managers can't be arsed to do the training and some pharmacists who aren't bad, but are overworked and very risk averse and don't want to help out as it is the cultural norm to do your own training. You may work for a bad employer and they are so desperate they put you on the dispensing course, just not give you any training!

        Think about it in these terms. Counter assistant and dispenser are both level 2. You've already done level 2, why shouldn't you be able to do dispenser?


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          You need to have the qualification to do it some employers do the whole 2 courses together.


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            Which is another way of saying they are both level 2. It costs about £50 something like that. Although the employers that do both courses together is often to save money in terms of wages paid.

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          I understand the worry about being put on the course or not, I really do. With perspective I'd go for the one with the better hours, if that's good for your health and well being.

          What is the difference in pay between dispenser for both jobs. If rowlands as a big chain pay 10p more an hour than counter assistant, as some chains do then I'd say no. If more even pay that is a factor.


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            £7.50 for the counter assistant 9-6 mon and Friday and either 2 half days or one full day and Trainee Dispenser £7.58 9-1 Mon-Wed and 9-2 Thu and Friday I'm on £7.75 in my current job just didn't want to wait to be put on the dispensing course at my place and I work Thu and Friday 9.30-6.30


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              Do whatever hours are best for you. No weekends or late nights which is what I was expecting you to say. No idea what hours are best for you.


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                My point was it better to go into the same job and wait for the dispenser course or a Trainee Dispenser job and small company or big one. The big one is Rowlands I've heard they are having a chance around.