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PDA advice for pharmacist to be cautious.

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  • PDA advice for pharmacist to be cautious.

    What do you think mainly about the PDAs advice for pharmacists not to get involved in idle chit chat with pharmacy staff as they had to represent pharmacists who had complaints put against them for cases such as contribution to jokes of adult content when they thought they were all friends? Trust no one policy was advocated.

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    Do you have a link to the advice?


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      The PDA Insight for Autumn 2015 focuses on a new government initiative for pharmacists to work in GP surgeries, professional indemnity arrangements, the potential benefits of hub and spoke dispensing and the launch of the locum campaign.


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        Page 13 autumn 2015 issue. On the PDA website just click on the magazine cover to read.


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          I wouldn’t say that it advises not to get involved in idle chit chat with pharmacy staff. We should all use common sense and be wary of things we say at work.


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            Generally speaking, disciplinary procedures hold managers or the so called professions to a higher standard. It's just the cards are stacked against the complainants ever getting that far as the other side hold so much power. Some argue those two sentences are linked and should be linked.

            In The Republic, Plato poses the question of how people would behave with the Ring of Gyges. More than a couple of thousand years later this question is incredibly relevant, take MPs expences, take doping in athletics, take doping in cycling, take how those with power behave.

            As pharmacy is a retail environment, I think the use of the word 'banter' is appropriate. This word is used extensively in retail for all sorts of inappropriate behaviour.

            My more serious answer to that is, if the opening post thinks it's all a load of nonsense, then google Vento guidelines/bands. Employers pay out thousands in out of employment tribunal settlements for stuff people label as 'just bants'. It's just you never hear about it as NDAs are pretty standard in large companies for the payout and not opening your mouth and showing what a terrible bunch of people you used to work for in company x. Usually people are fairly shocked how large payments equate to particular behaviours.