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    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and I'm just after a little bit of help, I'm on module 20 of my nvq 3 but I'm really struggling with exercise 2. The prescription is for betnovate cream 1 part and aqueous cream 4 parts, the questions ask 'explain in detail the stages you would go through during the demonstration when showing your colleague how to dispense the product on the prescription' and 'how would you ensure that microbial contamination is minimised at each stage of the extemporaneous dispensing process' I don't know where to begin! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou!

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    This question asked several times.Using the search box, search the forum.


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      As John says, this question has come up numerous times on the forum. If you google the question then this forum is one of the results that you get. Use 'extemporaneous' or 'betnovate' as your search term on the forum.

      The second part of the question regarding microbial contamination is purely common sense, though it may help you to think of it as maintaining the purity of the ointment.