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terminally ill young career

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  • terminally ill young career

    Im a dispensing assistant in a hospital pharmacy, have completed the NVQ2 and really like my job. However i am desperate to progress my career and have recently been turned down for a student tech job, and am at a loss as to what to do next. I plan to reapply for the post next year, but would rather not waste another year just working and not really gaining anything more from it.
    One option would be to move into retail pharmacy but as this comes with reduced pay its not really viable.
    HELP! I need ideas on what i could do to help pass the time until the next intake. Are there any courses or anything i could do to help me get the job next year?
    Many thanks

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    Re: terminally ill young career

    sorry to hear about your difficulties.

    I'm surprised that the pay is less in community pharmacy. Shop around, is my advice, in particular at the health centre pharmacies which rely on good dispensing assistants such as yourself.

    I must say, though, that these are often overheated and inadequately ventilated, so do make sure its comfortable for you before you decide.

    Good luck.
    ....just my opinion


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      Re: terminally ill young career

      Hey ChesterCake

      Did you apply for the student tech job at your current hospital? You should ask them for feedback and if there are any training courses they can send you on???

      Have a look on the CPPE website….various assessments on there.

      Community is very different to hospital…one year will pass so fast, trust me….

      All the best.....
      Lazy Lady...