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  • Slimming pills

    Super markets sell heaps of magazines with ads offering amazing slimming pills that help you lose 100 pounds body weight in 5 minutes. I am guessing that there is no substance to any of their claims, but where do they stand on the law ? Surely none of these products have been subject to rigorous trials, so how can they get away with these dads without the medics shutting them down ? As Brits we hear of the FDA in the uS being much more powerful and keeping tabs on witch doctors, is it that our government doesnt really intervene ?
    Vulnerable people are shelling out cash for these products, we should stop them !!

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    Slimming Pills


    There is not much evidence that slimming pills you can buy are effective. Most are not licenced medicines, so do not make claims such as "speeds up metabolism" etc and most come with a reduced-calorie diet plan (which is probably responsible for any weight loss). There are a couple of products available on prescription; Xenical (Orlistat) and Reductil (Sibutramine) which have been clinically proven to help people reduce weight. If you think you need one of these you should see your G.P.

    For a good review of slimming pills take a look at: -


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      Slimming Pills


      Apothecary makes some good points. I would personally never recommend these products, as nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise plan.

      The trouble is people want a quick fix, so provide a market for these products. Where there is demand there will always be supply.

      If you are overweight, try making small changes along the way. Change your poor diet foods to good ones, less fat, calories etc. Adopt a realistic exercise plan, one which is not ultra demanding so you can stick with it and up the work rate gradually over time.
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        slimming pills

        thanks guys for the sobering thoughts
        low fat low sugar low carbs
        guess i will live longer, or maybe it will just seem that way !
        nice site by the way, i enjoy using it, well-planned and thought out
        the doubledoc