Did everyone get this e-mail? I thought I'd put it up in case any students etc want to read it.

A letter from the President of the Society updating you on issues relating the the recent government White Paper on health regulation is attached for your information.

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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Ann M Lewis OBE FRPharmS Secretary and Registrar
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Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

H e l p i n g p h a r m a c i s t s a c h i e v e e x c e l l e n c e

Dear Colleague

I wrote to you in March to bring to your attention the publication of the Government’s `White Paper` on health regulation which proposed the setting up of a General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC) and also a Royal College type of body.
Now I want to bring you up to date with the latest developments that are driving this work forward,

The Council of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain has pledged to work with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and other pharmacy bodies to help to create a Royal College for the pharmacy profession.

The Society is already talking to the PSNI and is writing to around 200 pharmacy bodies in order to begin talking – and listening - to them and to explore the possible principles and functions of a Royal College. A one-day event bringing pharmacy organisations together to discuss the formation of a Royal College is also being planned for late April.

The wider membership of the Society will also be consulted and work is in hand to do this by means of a series of special meetings, through the Society’s web site, writing directly to them and by other methods of direct communication. More details will be released as they become available. Meanwhile, in the next few weeks we will be putting a short questionnaire on the Society’s web site. Please take some time to respond as we are keen to hear your views.

Hemant Patel