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Fosamax patent 'Victory' for Merck and co

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  • Fosamax patent 'Victory' for Merck and co

    Dont know if you guys knew about this, but Fosamax has had its patent re-instaed in 23 EU countries after a 3 year court case. Yhe patent laws in the UK are diffrent so alendronate still will be available in UK market.

    After speaking to the PSNC and several of the big wholesalers today i have established that alendronate will still be prescribed and available in the UK as a generic product, but many of the manufacturers, GUK,Winthrop,Actavis produce there product in Germany, and that is one of the countries affected by the new EU patent laws and this will affect stock availability over here.
    We have purchased as much stock as possible today to maintain supplies, but dont know what the coming weeks and months have in store.
    My advice if your an independant is to get that stock room filled up!

    There is more info available on several websites or by contacting PSNC but unfortunately i cant remember links. I will update you on monday when im back in the office .
    Have a good weekend.

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    Re: Fosamax patent 'Victory' for Merck and co

    It's good to see Big Pharma winning for a change!

    Damn! Where's that heavy sarcasm smiley?
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